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Dr. Sellase Pi-Bansa

Dr. Sellase Pi-Bansa

Research Fellow 



Research Fellow, Department of Parasitology
Assistant Quality Manager, Department of Parasitology

Focus of Work

Epidemiology of mosquito-borne diseases (lymphatic filariasis, malaria and Aedes-borne diseases)
Development and implementation of tools for surveillance, control and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases

Current Projects

Identification of genetic  markers of Onchocerca volvulus population structure, and, if applicable, development of a genetic marker based tool for defining transmission zones (CARIRS-Mission).
Strategies for the ENdgame: Targeting Infections among Non-compliants in the Elimination of Lymphatic filariasis (SENTINEL).
GHAMAL Consortium: Multisectoral approach to risk mitigation and control of arboviral diseases with the water, sanitation and hygiene (wash) sector in Ghana and Mali