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The Institute unveils four Migele Gel Electrophoresis equipment donated by PerkinElmer

The Institute, on October 13, unveiled and launched four (4) Migele Gel Electrophoresis equipment and accessories donated by PerkinElmer.

Director, Prof. Dorothy Yeboah-Manu indicated that this equipment will facilitate workflow at the sickle cell laboratory as it will help detect 50,000 extra genetic diseases of hemoglobin in newborns and adults, including sickle cell disease.

According to Ms. Marika Kase, Director, Strategic Initiatives Reproductive Health at PerkinElmer, the donation forms part of her outfit’s commitment to working with various governments, institutions and stakeholders around the world to address the mother-child health priorities such as screening pregnant women and newborn babies against sickle cell disease.
“Screening is the best possible preventive health care. With early diagnosis, children with sickle cell disease can be given affordable interventions. Again, with effective screening and management of sickle cell patients, governments could save so many patients’ lives”, Ms. Marika Kase stated.

Prof. Dziedzom de Souza, Head of the Department of Clinical Pathology explained that the donation comes at a very good time. Adding that “the Institute has contributed significantly to the screening of sickle within the country and other countries like Liberia and Nigeria. The equipment being the latest of its kind will facilitate our work to process samples faster”.

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