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Prof. George B Kyei

Prof. George B Kyei

Associate Professor 



Associate Professor, Department of Virology
Director of Research, University of Ghana Medical Centre 

Focus of Work

HIV cure
Cell biology of HIV
Clinical trials
Antimicrobial stewardship
COVID-19 therapeutics

Current Projects

Protein interactions controlling HIV in macrophages Funder: NIH/NIAID R01
Control of HIV transcription by SF3B1 Funder: NIH/NIAID R21
Mouthwashes against COVID-19 Funder: NRF, South Africa
CROWN CORONATION clinical trial. Effect of MR vaccine in preventing COVID-19 Funder: Gates Foundation
The HIV Cure Research Infrastructure Study (H-CRIS). Screening epigenetic compounds and African Herbal Extracts for HIV reactivation. Funder– EDCTP
Impact of COVID-19 on HIV care in Ghana.  Funder: McDonnel Academy, Washington University
Opportunities for Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship at the University of Ghana Medical Centre. Funder: McDonnel Academy, Washington University