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Dr. Jewelna Efua Birago Akorli

Dr. Jewelna Efua Birago Akorli

Senior Research Fellow 



Research Fellow, Department of Parasitology

Focus of Work

Mosquito-microbiota interactions: Primary research which focuses on interactions between mosquito-associated endosymbionts and variations in vector competence in natural mosquito populations. Specific interests include:
Vector surveillance of arboviral diseases: This research centres on Aedes mosquitoes which are very important vectors of diseases like dengue and Zika. Specific themes include:
Human gut microbiome and soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH): This research focuses on the human gut microbiome interactions with soil-transmitted helminths (STHs) including hookworm and intestinal schistosomiasis.

Current Projects

Diversity of Microsporidia MB, their co-occurrence and dynamics with bacterial communities associated with Anopheles mosquitoes.  Funder: Open Philanthropy Project through ANTI-VeC Role: PI
Validation and field operationalization of one- and two-stage LAMP assay for diagnosis of COVID-19 in low-resourced health facilities in Ghana Funder: National Research Foundation COVID-19 Africa Rapid Grant Fund Role: PI
Elucidating the mechanisms and functions of bacterial-derived mediators on Plasmodium falciparum. Funder: Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship Role: PI
Aedes Mosquito Surveillance for Prediction and Control of Arboviral Disease Outbreak: A Pilot Study of the Accra Metropolis Funder: BANGA-Africa Project Role: co-PI
The Noguchi Institute Initiative for NTDs Elimination (NIINE) Funder: NIH/NIAID Role: co-PI