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Dr. Kwadwo Kyereme Frempong

Dr. Kwadwo Kyereme Frempong

Research Fellow 



Research Fellow, Department of Parasitology
Biosafety Officer, Department of Parasitology
Grantsmanship Coordinator, Department of Parasitology

Focus of Work

Development of O. volvulus and S. damnosum genetic markers for delineating onchocerciasis transmission zones
Molecular evaluations of Anopheles mosquitoes in support of the national malaria entomological surveillance
Modelling of Parasitic diseases: Acquisition of Ghanaian onchocerciasis data to validate an onchocerciasis model 

Current Projects

Population genetic simulations for tools for onchocerciasis control programmes to determine transmission zones: Part 2 Ghana epidemiological and entomological data (WHO-TDR)
Utility of vector population genetics for delineating O. volvulus transmission: Entomological Component (WHO-TDR)