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Prof. Samuel Kweku Dadzie

Prof. Samuel Kweku Dadzie

Associate Professor 



Senior Research Fellow, Department of Parasitology
Coordinator, Vector Research Group, Parasitology Department, NMIMR 
Chair, Security Promotion Committee 

Focus of Work

Arboviral surveillance and control
Insecticide Resistance
Neglected Tropical Diseases transmission and control
Testing of Vector Control products

Current Projects

GHAMAL consortium: multisectoral approach to risk mitigation and control of arboviral diseases with the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, in Ghana and Mali 
Mosquito Surveillance for Prediction and Control of Arboviral Disease Outbreak: A pilot Study of the Accra Metropolis 
Development of an Expeditionary Operational Entomology Research Capability in Strengthening Ghana’s National Malaria Control Program and Partner Support Building Other Africa Malaria Task Force
Navrongo Integrated Vector Surveillance Project (NISP)
Durability Monitoring of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in Ghana 
Ecological, environmental, and human Surveillance for tick-borne infections in some sites in Ghana