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Paediatric Tuberculosis

Paediatric Tuberculosis

Project Lead(s)
Senior Research Fellow
Project Background 

Many young children cannot produce the sample (sputum) required for the existing test for pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). Consequently, diagnosis is often based on clinical signs, symptoms, and history of TB contact. This situation has led to some children dying from undiagnosed TB or being treated wrongly for TB. Of the estimated 230,000 children who died of TB in 2018, 80% were less than 5 years and 96% of deaths occurred before treatment started. It has also been established that when treatment is started early due to early diagnosis, success rate is over 90%.  Our study aims to determine the usefulness of blood/urine- based tests and cytokine biomarkers in improving the diagnosis of TB in children and the risk factors for childhood TB in Ghana.

Key Publications  
  1. Mensah GI, Afrane AK, Jackson-Sillah D, Kazwala R, Bonfoh B, Addo KK. QuantiFERON TB plus-negative results in clinically diagnosed paediatric tuberculosis: immune suppression or misdiagnosis? 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health (Virtual)., 20-24 October 2020, Seville Spain E-Poster No. EP-TBS-44.
  2. Mensah GI, Afrane AK, Jackson-Sillah D, Adekambi T, Kazwala R, Addo KK, Bonfoh B. Socio-demographic profile of paediatric tuberculosis patients in Accra, Ghana. DAAD Alumni Conference on “Contemporary Health care issues in sub-Saharan Africa-Economic, Social and Cultural Perspective. 25th to 26th November 2019, Erata Hotel, Accra, Ghana
  3. Mensah GI (2021) Paediatric Tuberculosis in Ghana. Understanding the sociocultural context to increase case detection in Ghana. In Nketiah-Amponsah E. & Odeku O.A. (Eds). Contemporary Healthcare Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa: Social, Economic, and Cultural Perspectives (pp.202-222). Lexington Books. ISBN-13:9781793633699
Ivy Brago Amanor
Senior Research Assistant