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Pan-Africa Network for Genomic Surveillance

Pan-Africa Network for Genomic Surveillance

Project Lead(s)
Project Background 

The project will use genomic epidemiology of tuberculosis, malaria and emerging and re-emerging pathogens in Africa as to better understand disease etiology, dynamics of disease transmission, and evolution of drug-resistant pathogens. The study also aims to increase Africa's capacity in bioinformatics, genomics, genomics data management, biobanking, and promote data sharing. Our goal is to improve the health of Africans with innovations in disease surveillance, equip the next generation of African scientists with cutting edge skills and strengthening south-south research collaborations.

Objectives/Research Areas 
  1. Increased capacity in genomic epidemiology will enable more effective disease surveillance in Africa.
  2. Increased capacity in biobanking and genomics data management and analysis in Africa will enhance regional surveillance of infectious diseases and encourage timely and effective responses to emerging pathogens.
  3. Regional whole genome sequence-based surveillance will improve the detection of DR-TB and inform the development of more sensitive and specific rapid diagnostics for the detection and surveillance of DR-TB in Africa and elsewhere.
  4. Regional genomic surveillance of malaria parasites will inform a pre-emptive detection of emerging DR parasites and measure the impact of programmatic interventions for a data driven decision making by policy makers.
  5. Implementation of harmonized genomic data analysis tools will allow the creation of continent-wide surveillance networks able to identify cross-border spread of DR variants and emerging pathogens.


To achieve this, PANGenS will develop genomic epidemiology capacity across Africa by establishing a collaborative framework that brings together all expertise to perform trainings and implementation in all relevant components ranging from wet lab to bioinformatics, and establish proof-of-concept studies for TB and malaria in in selected partner countries

Senior Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Anita Ghansah
Associate Professor
Mr. Stephen Osei-Wusu (Research Assistant)
Chief Research Assistant
External Collaborator(s) 
Research Center Borstel/National Reference Laboratory for Mycobacteria, RCB (Coordinator), Germany
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV), Netherlands
Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS), Mozambique
Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Tanzania
University of Namibia (UNAM), Namibia
National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Nigeria
Centre de Recherches Médicales de Lambaréné (CERMEL), Gabon
Laboratoire des Fièvres Virales Hémorragiques (LFVH)/ Ministère de la Santé du Bénin, Benin
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia (LSHTM-MRCG), The Gambia
German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH (DSMZ) Germany
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)Switzerland
European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)