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Think Quality, Think Research, Think Involvement – NMIMR celebrates Quality Week 2024

The Institute in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has marked Quality Week 2024 under the theme “Think Quality, Think Research, Think Involvement”. The celebration started from 26th February and ended on 1st March, 2024, with most activities taking place at the Institute Conference Hall.

The week-long celebration provided a platform to raise staff awareness about the significance of supporting the Institute’s effort to achieve accreditation for ISO 15189:2022.

Prof. Dorothy Yeboah-Manu, Director, NMIMR

Prof. Dorothy Yeboah-Manu, Director of the Institute, in her remarks during the opening ceremony highlighted the significance of having a robust quality management system. According to her, for the Institute to continue to be recognized as a key player on the field of biomedical research, there is the need to constantly assess the quality of work carried out. “The theme for this year’s celebration – Think quality, think research, think involvement makes us aware of the need for concerted effort”, she added.

Prof. Yeboah-Manu said the theme was timely and relevant in building a quality management system as an Institute and solicited active involvement of all staff at all levels.

Dr. Tjeerd Datema, CEO and Senior Advisor Laboratory Systems Strengthening, DATOS

Keynote speaker, Dr. Tjeerd Datema, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Advisor Laboratory Systems Strengthening, DATOS, noted that doing quality management means doing the right things right. According to him, to achieve quality, there is the need to understand the processes involved in getting things done correctly in any organization.

“Everything is a process. We have to understand that in every organization, there is a process. A process has both input and output and even the individual steps of the process has an input and an output. The output of one process step is the input for the next one. A process is also a chain, and a chain is as strong as its weakest link. For this reason, if a step of the process does not go correctly, we cannot assure quality of the end result of the process. For example, if the laboratory step of collecting a sample is not done correctly, we cannot assure the final result of the laboratory test and this applies to any process step”, Dr. Datema added.

Prof. Michael Ofori (right) and Dr. Susan Adu-Amankwah (left) unveiling the Institute’s Quality Binder 

Unveiling the Institute’s Quality Binder, Dr. Susan Adu-Amankwah, Institute Quality Manager revealed that the quality binder serves as testament to the Institute’s steadfast resolve to deliver reliable, accurate and trustworthy services to all clients and stakeholders.

“At the heart of our Quality Binder lies a steadfast commitment to quality in every facet of our work. It embodies unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, adherence to regulatory requirements, and continuous improvement.

With its comprehensive framework, clear guidelines, and robust processes, the Quality Binder will serve as our guiding light, ensuring consistency, reliability, and excellence in what we do”, Dr. Adu-Amankwah stressed.

She further explained that the transition from the quality manual to the quality binder aligns with the Institute’s belief in revolution. According to her, the new presentation reflects NMIMR’s commitment to quality, innovation and creativity. Adding that “in our growth towards a culture quality, we realized that certain things change rapidly. And as an innovative biomedical research facility, we keep on adding cutting-edge research technology and being responsive to current trends and advancements in science”.

Dr. Donewell Bangure, Senior Epidemiologist, Africa CDC

There were also insightful presentations delivered by Dr. Donewell Bangure, Senior Epidemiologist, Africa CDC, Mrs. Dorcas Quarshie, Licensed Counselling Psychologist, and Mrs. Sena Owusu-Gisbson, Counselling Psychologist in Clinical Counselling on the topics “Africa CDC Capacity Building Program for Quality Management Systems in Africa using the One Health Approach” and “Exposition Mental Health” respectively.

Mrs. Dorcas Quarshie (left) and Mrs. Sena Owusu-Gisbson (right)

Cross-section view of audience during the mental health segment

Other activities of the Quality Week celebration included inter departmental/unit quiz, exhibitions on best practices by some departments, performances by the Noguchi Choir and Viral Melodies Choir as well as fun games to climax the week-long celebrations.

Noguchi Choir (left) and Viral Melodies Choir (right) performing

Some staff dancing to the melodious tunes by the Noguchi Choir and Viral Melodies Choir

Representatives from some departments during the quiz session

Some staff engaged in various fun games

The Quality Week was attended by staff of the Institute, officials from JICA Ghana office, Africa CDC, students and members of the public.

Group photograph of the Director, Heads of Department, officials from JICA Ghana Office, staff and other invited guests

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