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Dr. Justice Kumi awarded 2022/23 AREF Research Development Fellowship

Dr. Justice Kumi, Research Fellow at the Department of Clinical Pathology at the Institute, has been awarded the 2022/23 Research Development Fellowship by the African Research Excellence Fund.

The Research Development Fellowship Programme aims to develop emerging African scientists who are working on important challenges for human health in Africa, growing their skills, experience, confidence and research outputs.

Dr. Kumi, Principal Investigator of the project title “Training on integrated clinico-chemical analysis for exploring aflatoxin poison and mitigation strategies towards building a Food Security Program at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research” will be hosted by the Institute for Global Food Security, Queens University, Belfast, United Kingdom for three (3) months.


Mycotoxins are fungal metabolites that contaminate food and food products. Therefore, there is the need to prevent exposure to humans and animals, ensure food security and safety. Mycotoxin mitigation in animals and humans is at the preparatory stage. In search for mitigation strategies against exposure of this toxin, there is the need to analyze, explore and evaluate different additives/binders of mycotoxins and compare its safety and efficacy to inform policy.

The aim of the project is to learn analytical tool in mycotoxin detection, training on experimental mitigation strategy against mycotoxin exposure.

The RDF Programme enables talented early-career researchers to:

  • Acquire advanced research skills
  • Develop and test their own compelling research questions
  • Develop highly effective mentoring relationships
  • Grow their potential collaborations
  • Raise their profile through international networking

Profile of Principal Investigator

Dr. Justice Kumi is a Research Fellow at the Department of Clinical Pathology. Dr. Kumi is trained as a Clinical Pathologist and a Toxicologist.

As a Clinical Pathologist and Toxicologist, key aspect of his research is channeled into investigating environmental toxicology with emphasis on mycotoxins and finding mitigating strategies to reduce the levels of mycotoxins exposure in humans and animals. His career vision is to lead a team of researchers to study environmental toxicology with regards to chemical poisoning, such as food and water contamination, air pollution, or chemical risk assessment and the related health implications of public health importance.

He has keen interest in understanding the role environmental toxin plays in predisposing humans and animals to diseases and to find possible therapeutic/intervention approach that are economically feasible and culturally accepted to eliminate or reduce exposure of the toxin in humans and animals.

Dr. Kumi is also poised to transfer the knowledge and skills gained to the next generation of scientists through frequent teaching, hands-on practice, and workshops.

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