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To be a leading global virus research centre. 

To Improve the health and wellbeing of Ghanaians through quality biomedical research activities and support of national public health interests.  


  • Conduct research into viruses of public health importance and provides specialized confirmatory diagnostic services in support of the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service.  


  • Provide training, technology transfer and capacity building to biomedical students, medical laboratory scientists and biomedical scientists from both public and private institutions within Ghana, across Africa and the world at large. Research within the Virology Department is currently organized under 4 main research themes:  
Staff of the Department are highly trained in several biotechnology techniques and conduct research into viral diseases of Public Health importance including HIV-AIDS, poliomyelitis, influenza, viral haemorrhagic fevers and SARS-CoV-2. Most research activities involve the use of molecular methods such as regular PCR (PCR), quantitative PCR (Q-PCR), genomic sequence and analysis using different software, genetic engineering, probe hybridization techniques, biological and molecular cloning, evaluation of immune markers for laboratory diagnosis of infections, serological assays involving the use of rapid tests, ELISA-based evaluations and immunofluorescent assay techniques. Staff are also deeply involved with cell and tissue culture, as well as virus propagation and isolation. Good laboratory practices are strictly followed and special training provided for staffs who work in a biosafety level 3 (BSL 3) environment with related pathogens. The department also hosts the NATIONAL INFLUENZA CENTRE and the REGIONAL POLIOVIRUS REFERENCE LABORATORY.

Departmental Research Activities

Key facilities and labs

key techniques employed

Most research activities involve the use of molecular techniques such as regular RT-PCR (PCR), quantitative PCR (Q-PCR), genomic sequence and analysis using different software, genetic engineering, probe hybridization techniques, biological and molecular cloning, evaluation of immune markers for laboratory diagnosis of infections, serological assays involving the use of rapid tests, antigenic assays, ELISA-based evaluations and immunofluorescent assay techniques 

List of Key Services Rendered to both Internal Stakeholders and the External Community

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Key Publications
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