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University of Ghana Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NIACUC) was established in 2012. It was reconstituted in 2018 as the University of Ghana Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (UG-IACUC) with authorisation from the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) Management Board, in accordance with the University of Ghana policy. Its jurisdiction includes all research involving live vertebrate animals performed at or in conjunction with the University of Ghana (UG) and its employees.

UG-IACUC operates as a competent body with oversight responsibility for the proper care and humane use of animals within UG research, testing and teaching programmes. In this regard, all research projects and educational or extension activities using animals under the jurisdiction or control of UG are reviewed and approved by the UG-IACUC.

UG-IACUC is guided by a comprehensive Animal Care and Use Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) together with a well-formulated policy document that enables it to comply with international animal care and use guidelines and regulations while maintaining flexibility to best meet the unique biomedical needs of the University.

The UG-IACUC SOP clearly outlines terms of reference, membership, meeting procedures, and criteria for protocol reviews among other things. The Officers of UG-IACUC comprise the Chair, Vice Chair, and the Administrator. This Committee has a permanent Secretariat at the Department of Animal Experimentation Building, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR).

The composition of the UG-IACUC as constituted by the Institutional Official (PRO-VC ORID) is as follows:

Membership SOPS Forms


UG-IACUC New Protocol Submission Form


UG-IACUC New Continue Review Form


UG-IACUC New Protocol Amendment Form


UG-IACUC Protocol Closure Form


UG-IACUC Study Deviation Form


UG-IACUC Consent Form

Proposed Deadlines and Meeting Dates for 2023

Deadline For Protocol Submission
Meeting Dates
Wednesday, 21st December, 2022
Wednesday, 25th January, 2023
Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023
Wednesday, 15th March, 2023
Wednesday, 26th April, 2023
Wednesday, 17th May, 2023
Wednesday, 28th June, 2023
Wednesday, 19th July, 2023
Wednesday, 23th August, 2023
Wednesday, 20th September, 2023
Wednesday, 25th October, 2023
Wednesday, 15th November, 2023
// membership list

Meet Our Members

Prof. George Asare

Clinical Pathologist

Dr. Samuel Adjei

Senior Animal management personnel

Dr. Patrick Amoateng


Dr. T. N. Nortey

Animal Nutritionist

Dr. Sherry Johnson

Veterinary Epidemiologist

Dr. Richard Suu-Ire

Wildlife Specialist

Dr. Joseph Awuni Adongo

Veterinary Virologist

Mrs. Najat Dauda

Administrative Assistant Secretary

Mr. John Anoku

Research Development Officer (Administrator)

Prof. Kwesi Addo

Veterinary Microbiologist