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Quality Management Unit

Quality Management Unit

Overview of Work

In the development strategy of Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research, NMIMR, quality assurance is considered a main commitment towards the design and provision of quality research Tailored to the health needs of the populace, institutional quality assurance relies on principles of academic freedom and implementation of laws in force, accredited by respective institutions. Such principles are also recognised by employers (main University) professional associations, and International standards and conducive to the health and development of the people and society. 

The Quality Office is an independent unit that reports to the Director. Principles underlying quality assurance involve the inclusion of all the stakeholders inside and outside the Institute. These principles are: 

Governance of the Quality Office

  • The Quality Office acts with authority delegated by the Institute’s management, in order to make decisions in the area of quality assurance and standards. 
  • In taking forward its remit, the Quality Office will seek consistency and common approaches where these are in the best interests of departments and staff while supporting diversity and variety where this is beneficial to stakeholders. 
  • The Quality Office will report to the Institute’s Management as necessary, but at least once a year. 

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Charles Quaye-Institute Safety Manager (1)

Dr. Charles Quaye

Institute Safety Manager

Dr. Susan Adu-Amankwah-Institute Quality Manager (1)

Dr. Susan Adu-Amankwah

Institute Quality Manager

Eunice Serwaa Obeng-Quality Coordinator-Quality Officer (1)

Eunice Serwaa Obeng

Quality Coordinator-Quality Officer

Mr. Francis Adjei-Assistant to Quality Manager (1)

Mr. Francis Adjei

Assistant to Quality Manager


Nathaniel Frimpong Boateng

Quality Coordinator

Quality Assurance and Standards

The Quality Office oversees the delivery of the Institutional Quality Assurance Framework within its remit, by receiving and considering relevant reports, identifying trends/issues and recommending appropriate action, as required.  Reports include: 

  • Periodic internal unit audits. 
  • Annual reporting from relevant collaborative organisations 

Engagement and Compliance with External Quality Assurance Frameworks

The Quality Office will lead the Institute’s engagement as appropriate with external Quality Assurance Frameworks, and ensure appropriate compliance with such Frameworks, including: 

  • The Institute’s engagement with periodic external review, including monitoring the effective implementation of review recommendations.